Additional Information


  • Are you affiliated with PSU?

No, we are privately owned student oriented housing, but you do not need to be a student to apply.

  • What does lease by the bedroom mean?

Each room in an apartment is priced and leased separately. There is an individual leaes on each room.  You only pay for the bedroom you stay in while the other bedrooms may be leased to different people.

  • If my flatmate moves out, does my rent increase?

No, your rate will never change during your lease. If your flatmate terminates their lease while you are still there we will lock their room and nothing else will change.

  • Are the apartments furnished?

Yes they are! They even include a Washer/Dryer Unit in every apartment.

  • What's included in your rent?

Furnishings and utilities (water, sewer, trash, wifi, electricity).

  • Do your utilities have any caps?

No, we don't have a cap on any utilities.

  • Do you Allow pets?


  • Is there on-site parking?

No, but there are multiple parking structures nearby.

  • How long are your leases?

Our typical lease length is 12 months long.  From 9/15 - 8/31

  • Can I break my lease early?

Yes we have a few options if necessary.

  • Can I have a roommate in the same bedroom?

Yes, but we will need written permission from all residents in the apartment to increase the capacity.

  • What happens if I don't get along with my flatmate? 

We can help mediate relations between flatmates, Although it is rarely necessary.

  • Can I bring a friend?

Yes! We can even help you get a room in the same apartment.

  • Is there a roommate matching service?

There is a roommate matching form you can fill out. 

  • What's a guarantor?

This is another way of saying Co-signer. Most people’s guarantor is a parent.

  • Can I sign a lease without a guarantor? 


  • How do I pay rent?

You can drop a check off at our office, or pay through our online portal here. Resident Portal

  • Do you require renters insurance?


  • Can I qualify to live at MW8 if I don't have a job or rental history?

Yes, but your deposit will increase or you need to have a co-signer.

  • What happens if I need maintenance in my bedroom or apartment?

You can come by the office, give us a call at (503)224-1121 or through this link. Resident Portal

  • Can I fill out an application?

Yes, here is a link to our application 

Floor Plans

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